Hang On!

Testing is nearly complete on the prototype cars. Mate Rimac and his team have gone throush the painstaking process of crash testing and homologating the Concept_2 around the world, so how fast is it? In his latest upload, the boss reflects on where it all started. Two decades ago, Rimac Automobili started as a few friends who built an electric E30 M3.

Their first production car, the Concept_One is an impressive machine, saving the life of James May in an Alpine accident. It so impressed the Porsche family that they purchased nearly a quarter of the business. As such, the Taycan uses several Rimac patents. Now, after brutal testing around the world, the C_Two production starts this fall. With the impending debut of the C_Two, lets see just how brutal it can be. Would you drive a car that can do this? Click the button to see what Rimac is all about.