Presented by Track Shaker

Getting into a new hobby can be super difficult. Basically, you're dipping your toes into a new world that's being inhabited by others who already enjoy the hobby. Let's just say that it can be intimidating and that's what stops many from enjoying a new hobby. Thankfully, there are communities out there that are always welcoming and willing to help out those who are looking to join in on a hobby. This also goes for those who want to enjoy the world of motorsports and track days, thanks to Track Shaker.

Track Shaker was founded by Scott Hartman, an automotive enthusiast who has seen how difficult it can be for newcomers at the track. He has seen the confusion that want-to-be track drivers go through when trying to get their cars on the track and is helping them out with Track Shaker. Through Hartman's knowledge of tracks, track days and the processes that go along with getting ready, he has built Tracker Shaker to be the ultimate resource for those new to track days, as well as those already experienced.

To put it bluntly, Track Shaker's website is the ultimate resource for track days. New track day participants can use this site to get ready for their first track day. For example, the "How To Prepare" section provides a tech inspection sheet as well as a flag guide, both of which can be printed out. They also include insurance providers that offer track day policies. also informs readers about the essential tools and safety equipment needed to get on the track in the "Helmets & Tools" section. When it comes to the tracks themselves, the "Racetracks" section will show where each track is located while the "Track Maps" section provides printable maps of each of the tracks. We're not kidding when we say they have everything you need for a track day.

One aspect of Track Shaker that will really get everyone excited is the "Track Events" section. It's here that you can browse hundreds of events across the country. Each listing provides all of the pertinent information that's needed, including date, time, location and a link to where registration can be filled out. If you've ever wondered how you can find a local track day, here's your answer.

Track Shaker also creates in-depth videos for their YouTube channel that are must-watches for newcomers and veterans alike. One of the most important videos that they have uploaded has to be their "Ultimate Guide to Track Days" video. This video, found above, outlines everything you need to know in order to be prepared for your first day at the track.

Are you interested in taking your car out to a track day? What are you waiting for? Visit today and show up prepared.