30 MPG will make you smile

When the 5th-generation (C5) Corvette arrived in late 1996, Chevrolet had been working on it since 1985. The development process was the biggest project at Chevrolet since the Grand Sport, and it was revolutionary. Let's watch Jay Leno take one for a spin because you might not realize what a bargain they are. If you have a dozen grand sitting around, you don't need to be Kevin Hart to drive one!

My 2003 example was an Indy Pace Car, and it could touch 31 mpg back when premium was over $4/gallon. Under the fiberglass is a fully hydroformed frame. Essentially the tubes are formed into the car's shape after being injected with water at several thousand PSI. This allowed the C5 Z06 to weigh in at 3,118 lbs with Bose Audio and a manual transmission. The automatic is ok, just essentially unchanged since 1982. Because they are so cheap, they make a great daily driver, and they will make 400 horsepower with a few hours of work. Click the button to find yours and stay with us for your Vette news