Age is only a number

Sitting atop the Alps, Switzerland must always be ready for an Italian invasion. The same paths taken by Hannibal's War Elephants can also be accessed by a Lamborghini in 4LO. All you need is a Countach V12 engine, Pirelli's most expensive Scorpions, and decent heel-toe shifting.

The Lamborghini LM002 specs were unlike anything else before the introduction of the Urus for sale, and this film shows us why. Kidston Productions spent a weekend at the Gstaad Palace to see how the land of cheese and Cuckoo Clocks would react to the Rambo Lambo. Age is only a number, as the fuel-injected beast made use of the cool air to drift between southern and central Europe. Tell us what you would do with such an opportunity in the comments below and check out these great Urus incentives from our dealers.