Leaning your Italian stallion into a corner is guaranteed to reduce stress every time. However, your experience can be affected by variables outside your control, and that's why the new Ducati Smart Jacket combines style and safety.

What you see is a collaboration with Dainese, and it makes thousands of calculations per second. Constantly monitoring for adversity, the airbags inflate in a blink of an eye, enveloping you in a cocoon to lessen an impact. Equivalent to seven Level 1 back protectors, it can be worn under or over your clothing. Easily folded and stored away, the 26-hour battery can be charged from any USB port. It is the centerpiece of their 2021 apparel line, which is available through our dealers. It would make a stylish accessory for your new 2021 Ducati SuperSport 950, so click the button to learn more.

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