Presented by Rolls-Royce Orlando - Located in Orlando, Florida, Fields Motor Cars Orlando serves the greater Orlando, Daytona Beach, and Tampa Bay areas and provides all customers with the customer service they deserve. Within the Fields Motor Cars family is Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Orlando.

This luxurious dealership is dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience. Their customers can be assured that they will receive the highest standard of service and professionalism. With this kind of customer service, Rolls-Royce Orlando ensures that their time choosing a Rolls-Royce vehicle with them will be an unforgettable experience-- one that's as unforgettable as the vehicle itself.

In fact, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars were selected as the automaker's Global Dealer of the Year in 2019. That’s quite the prestigious award considering they were ranked #1 out of 135 retailer dealers worldwide in more than 50 countries. According to Rolls-Royce, the winners "support the business’ ongoing dedication to customer hypercentricity, putting the marque’s extraordinary clients at the very heart of the Rolls-Royce brand."