This year's SEMA show was convoluted because of the pandemic. While many manufacturers chose not to attend, it has allowed us to announce that the 2021 Toyota Supra Sport Top is taking shape. What initially was going to be a static display has caught the eye of Supra fans around the world. Thankfully, the engineers saw this as an opportunity to build a production-quality car. As such, they started by reinforcing the chassis. Plate steel was formed into subframe connectors and welded the entire length of the body.

Toyota Supra Concepts Unveiled At SEMA

Once in place, it allowed them to fabricate new exhaust pipes and a functional rear diffuser. Many of us were surprised at the thickness of the roof panels, but this is how the Supra offers such crisp handling along with world-class safety. Because it shares the same chassis as the BMW Z4, targa-top versions of both seem closer to reality. Stay with us as this project evolves, and click the button below to find a Supra for yourself.

Image (C) Toyota