If you are a car enthusiast, then the Hoonigan Gymkhana series is something very familiar, but when Ken Block is behind the wheel. The newest Gymkhana 2020 video released by Hoonigan is featured as the Travis Pastrana Takeover, just under ten minutes of incredible maneuvering from land, air, and sea perspective. Travis took his 826hp Subaru STI back to his hometown of Annapolis, Maryland to put on a show for his community. Throughout the video, Travis makes the trek back to his home on a route that would leave anyone to believe it was a rally course, making Ken Block proud to share the series. It would not be a Subaru sponsored video without a cameo featuring the newly redesigned BRZ model, as it does a synchronize donut with the race car. The Hoonigan Gymkhana 2020 Travis Pastrana Take Over; Ultimate Hometown Shred is available by clicking below.

Image Source: The Hoonigans