A rite of passage for any gearhead is swapping a V8 into a Jeep. Dealing with wiring and fuel is a pain, but thankfully its all in the past because Jeep has confirmed a HEMI Wrangler. Many Jeep purists remember the old days in terms of BC (Before Chrysler). When AMC owned Jeep, they offered several flavors of V8 Wranglers. They are fast and fun, and worth a small fortune.

We have been representing aftermarket Jeep builders since 1985, and their first aspect of each build involves a V8 from Ford, Chevrolet, or any other manufacturer. Care must be taken as you will undoubtedly double the torque and horsepower on tap. Having witnessed the aftermarket making incredible profits, this new Wrangler is long overdue. The launch will be live on YouTube tomorrow at Noon EST, so in the meantime click the button to find your next Jeep and stay with us for all the details.

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