A1A is the mother road for Native Floridians. Once the sun goes down and the tourists go home, you need a fast car to enjoy the last remaining stretches of unspoiled beachfront. That's why we offer you a new centerpiece for your collection. With only 1,015 miles, this 2020 RENNtech Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro represents the hopes and dreams of their brand.

Before Mercedes-Benz purchased AMG, the aftermarket company needed a foothold in the U.S. Therefore they sent Hartmut Feyhl to Florida in order to service and maintain all AMG customers in the Western Hemisphere. After a dozen years as their Technical Director, he founded RENNtech in 1989 as AMG moved gradually under the control of Mercedes-Benz.

Without having to answer to corporate overlords and bean counters, RENNtech focuses on building reliable & incredible transportation for those that demand the very best. As such, they spent many late nights perfecting the latest GT R. Starting with a fully loaded example, they endowed it with unique carbon fiber. Every part of their Club Sport package (spoilers, extractors, diffusers) is baked with an acrylic coating inside and out. This protects the carbon matt from UV and humidity damage, aspects every Floridian deals with.

The increased downforce is required by the beast under the hood. Thanks to Florida mixing 15% ethanol into pump gas, they made incredible gains using 93 octane. While maintaining factory parameters for adverse conditions, changes to the fuel and ignition mapping showed great results. Then the turbos were unlocked to add more boost in every situation. The end result was a consistent offering of 659 horsepower and 614 lb-ft of torque. This is the standard that all should be held to, and it can be yours.