Virus epidemics are a great motivator to get away from it all. If you take social distancing as a suggestion this bike is not for you. But if you need a powerful & sleek Italian friend to join in on adventures, the 2021 Ducati Multistrada V4 is the ultimate Enduro. CEO Claudio Domenicali earned his stripes on bikes of all kinds before leading Ducati into a new era.

Unencumbered by their past legacies, he challenged engineers and stylists to build a bike they could use in any situation. The artists were obviously influenced by their coworkers at Lamborghini, another Italian arm of Audi. For power, they needed something all-new. Combining the best features inside the hearts of Bentley, Porsche, Audi & Volkswagen, the GranTurismo is a 1,160cc V4. To offer smooth idle and reliability, the Desmo system didnt make the cut. Instead, the cam followers use rollers to decrease internal friction.

Perhaps the best feature is service life because all you will need is gasoline for 37,300 miles. You will have 170 horsepower and 92 lb-ft of torque at your command. The one-piece frame was a collaboration with their MotoGP teams, and the double-sided swingarm is ready to head off-road. An effort was made to balance style with function, and rider comfort along with reliability. All transmission and engine parts are balanced, as are the exhaust pulses when they meet the muffler. The result is a bike without vibrations that offers a silky soundtrack. As I look at my old Suzuki with a sigh, I might be joining you on the new Multistrada waiting list....Stay with us for all your Ducati updates.