Building amazing cars is tough when you are paying rent. Because their upcoming T.50 demands secrecy, Gordon Murray Group has announced a new headquarters. Their latest press release includes details of this £50M project. Three buildings will be located across 54 acres in Windlesham, Surrey. Their goal is to allow design, engineering, and validation to take place in-house, without worrying about espionage.

Gordon Murray Automotive Announces the T.50s Race Car

Professor Gordon Murray has penned the major details of the 130,000 sq ft, and he had this to say: "This new technology campus and global headquarters is a major investment and a huge step forward for the Gordon Murray Group, as we gather momentum for the next phase of our business and our brands, spearheaded by the all-new T.50 supercar.

“Our innovative new technology campus is a fantastic new home and will give us world-class facilities that have been designed with a lot of attention to communication, workflow and social interaction – which will bring new levels of productivity to our already very efficient team. This new HQ is a significant investment and will create high value-added new jobs. We’re also proud to be already making significant contribution to UK exports, and helping secure the vital UK automotive supply chain. Over 90 percent of the content of the new T.50 comes from UK supplies, which is something that we specified from the start. It is designed, engineered and manufactured from world-class British components in Britain."

The T.50 now has a home among the world's leading automotive and engineering companies, so stay with us for more updates from Gordon Murray Group