ONEflight  International Private Jets took the opposite stance of many of its competitors during the height of the pandemic travel limitations.  Instead of ceasing operations, furloughing staff, or sitting back to watch what the market would dictate next, they increased their staff as well as dramatically increased their advertising spend.  The result of the marketing reach was exactly as planned. Through new activities starting in Q2 and into Q3 such as National television spots featuring Robert Herjavec, to establishing a diverse network of luxury partners, and a grassroots Social Media campaign they have seen enormous growth, even being recognized by Inc. 5000 as one of the Fastest Growing Companies of 2020.  This gain in market share has not only been in the overall number of flights being booked through their easy search, select, and buy at your fingertips booking platform, but in lifetime membership activations as well.  Due to the current climate, ONEflight’s business travel was nearly nonexistent over the past several months, but yet they reported a record number of flights booked in June, July, and August. 

Last year their bookings were +/- 70% business travel, however this year ONEflight has experienced it’s clients utilizing The BAJ to fly primarily to second homes, leisure & family travel, or even relocating family members to safer, more secluded locations.  This increase comes not only from OFI’s current members, but in “New to Private” individuals and companies who have not used private aviation in the past.  Individuals are finding it a necessity and no longer a luxury for themselves, their families, and their executive teams to distance themselves from commercial travel as a safety precaution and to additionally maximize valuable time.  In a recent survey 51% of current private fliers will increase their usage this year over last with 92% of companies surveyed expanding their overall use of private aviation. 28% of those companies will increase the number of employees who are able to use the service. Today even amidst all of the COVID challenges ONEflight forecasts leisure travel will maintain at its current levels, but they are already seeing business travel on the rise and siting that trend will continue well into 2021.

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