Presented by Private Seller - One year ago, in December 2019, McLaren Beverly Hills revealed three McLaren Senna XP exclusive editions. The XP cars, which were commissioned by the dealer from McLaren Special Operations (MSO), are unique to McLaren Beverly Hills. Each of the three cars was designed to honor three of Ayrton Senna's most remarkable achievements. The colors of each Senna XP were picked to match the color of the country hosting the specific Grand Prix. These features and the fully bespoke interiors in matching tinted gloss carbon fiber took the craftsmen and women at MSO in Woking, UK 780 hours to create.

What we are writing about today is a very special opportunity to own one of these incredibly rare Senna XPs. For sale right now is the McLaren Senna XP Master of Monaco edition. This specific edition celebrates Senna's six wins at Monaco, five of which were consecutive victories. If you're familiar with motorsports, you know that Monaco is no simple track and the fact that he took first place six times and even qualified on pole by over two seconds in 1988 is almost unconscionable.

The exterior of the Senna XP Master of Monaco includes most bare carbon fiber with a glossy finish, but the red and white trim stands out to honor the Monaco flag. On the rear wing, you can actually find the flag of Monaco airbrushed in exquisite detail. Other exterior touches include the bespoke brake calipers and the number "12" gracing the sides of the rear wing.

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Inside, red-tinted carbon fiber acts as trim on just about every surface, including the steering wheel which has a special Monaco 12 o'clock marker. On the door sills, one of the most eye-catching features can be found: an airbrushed image of Ayrton Senna's racing his number 12 car along with his signature. The detail of this image is absolutely breathtaking is indeed a work of art in and of itself. Other touches include the flag of Monaco embroidered on the headrests and special "Master of Monaco" plaque.

This car was purchased new and currently owned by Austin Richard Post, otherwise known as Post Malone, making it a one-owner vehicle. It sits with just 147 miles on its odometer and is in pristine condition. Price on request. For more information, be sure to click the button below to view its listing on