Once a successor is announced, many supercars plummet in value. Porsche purists prevent this with each new generation, and that is why we are glad that Jay Leno drives his Porsche Carrera GT. While he has shown clips on Jay Leno's Garage and on the Tonight Show, our favorite comedian has finally filmed a proper review.

Porsche Carrera GT Specs, Price, Review and Photos

Knowing full well that it would be the last analog Porsche, Mr. Leno purchased this 2004 model new, intending on preserving it for posterity. After spinning a prototype at Talladega, his insights on the car were used as testimony for the Grand Jury in Paul Walker's wrongful death lawsuit. A few short trips behind the wheel have left me with the same assumptions. The Carrera GT was designed by the world's most talented drivers, and it offers no apologies. No stability or taction systems will save you, so plan your turns and throttle inputs far in advance. Respect the car or live in fear, because nothing will ever compare to the Carrera GT.