Rumors of the new Bronco have been heard for years. While nobody can deny the retro look has been perfectly executed, it makes us long for the original. Unless you had an opportunity to buy one new, finding an unmolested example of the first Bronco is next to impossible. Once they were done in the Sun, almost all Broncos became hand-me-downs to younger siblings or relegated to work on the farm. This one has lived an easier life, that began as Bronco #396 for the 1966 model year.

What we see here is a showroom example. Resisting the urge to resto-mod, the owner has gone to great lengths in order to preserve this time capsule. The original 170 Six Cylinder was recently rebuilt, with a new clutch for the 3 on the tree. The VIN suffix U13 proves it is a surviving roadster. This is rare as countless hard top Broncos were cut up to make roadsters, often poorly at best. This one is among the 4,090 true roadsters for '66, of which not many are still around.

The "B" color code is Caribbean Turquoise, and it sports the rare Eyebrow grille in white. It matches the rocker panel stripes and whitewall tires for a cheerful livery. The original bucket seats along with the rear bench have been recovered in the factory silver vinyl, in the original patterns. With only 39,301 miles, it retains the oil-bath air cleaner, AM radio, and single brake master cylinder. Any classic in this condition deserves white glove treatment, and it needs to shown among the world's most well-preserved Fords.

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