Earlier today Mr. Pagani previewed the artwork we will see in their upcoming "calendario". Our German-speaking friends will also need to keep track of our solar orbit, so we are thankful that the 2021 Porsche Calendar highlights their icons of speed. To give us a hint of what's in-store, YouTube clip shows the fastest cars in the Porsche Museum as they were shot on-location.

While it would be easily done by Graphic Artists or by digging up old photos, the "kalendar" will showcase everything from the 550 to the 919. Playing in slo-mo, we also see the Pink Pig, Rothman's 917, 935, and famous examples of the 911. Even though it outsold every other Porsche car in Q3, the Taycan didn't make the cut. If you want a 2021 Porsche Calendar, you will need to visit our local dealer. Check out great incentives on the new 911 for sale and stay with us for all your Porsche news.