As a true Renaissance Man, Horacio Pagani is an equally adept artist and automotive engineer. His amalgamations of both have changed the motoring world ever since he began sweeping the floors at Lamborghini. At 17 years old, Mr. Lamborghini saw something in him that could not be verbalized in Italian. Much like the 25th Anniversary Countach, all of his cars speak for themselves. That is why the 2021 Pagani Calendar is inspired by the racetrack.

Mr. Pagani went home to find three incredible artists at the Argentinian School of Painting. Over the next year, you will be mesmerized by the works of  Alfredo De la María, Jorge Ferreyra Basso and José María Villafuerte. Each one has a different technique and vision for supercars in action. To summarize their work he says: "We have transformed our calendar into a timeless masterpiece. I have always had the highest regard for the work of De la María, Ferreyra Basso and Villafuerte. For us, the 2021 Calendar project was a special occasion since it gave us the chance to visually convey our values through a very interesting and expressive genre of painting. We decided against the usual collector item and opted for an idea that went beyond the simple calendar. In other words, something able to transmit emotion and provide unforgettable thrills, just as our cars do." Our dealers will be taking reservations for the calendar starting November 1st, so click the link below to for all the information.