The McLaren Senna supercar is, without a doubt, one of the most extreme creations to roll out of a production line this decade. From its copious amount of power to an aggressive and aerodynamic design, the Senna is a tour de force. However, McLaren didn't stop with just the Senna. After launching the Senna and dropping jaws, the Senna GTR was released into the world as a race-ready version of the supercar that's only meant for the track. If you wanted to experience the Senna GTR on the road, you couldn't. That is until McLaren created a street-legal version called the Senna Can Am.

Not many have heard of the McLaren Senna Can Am and that's for good reason: just three examples rolled out of McLaren's Woking headquarters. That makes this model rarer the both the Senna GTR and Senna GTR LM variants. Needless to say, not many eyes have seen this rare supercar.

Today, we're proud to present McLaren Senna Can Am #1 for sale.

The inspiration behind the Senna Can Am is quite obvious for many motorsport fans. McLaren Automotive has turned the exterior of this limited edition supercar into a love letter to the McLaren M8B race car. It was this race car that Bruce McLaren raced and dominated the Can Am series in by placing first in all 11 races. As a celebration to the prolific car, the Senna Can Am is a treasure for all automotive and motorsport enthusiasts.

Setting the Senna Can Am apart is a plethora of unique features. For starters, its powertrain sees an increase of 25 horsepower in order to match the horsepower of the GTR. Other mechanical enhancements include the bespoke wheels, four-exhaust exit setup, 24-carat gold heat shield, and more.

As far as appearances go, McLaren has equipped the Senna Can Am with a bevy of touches that make it stand out. The entirety of the exterior is painted in orange to match the M8B race car. On one side of the supercar there's Bruce McLaren's signature and the #4 racing number, while the other side features Denny Hulme's signature and a #5 racing number. There's also the McLaren Cars and Speedy kiwi painted on either side, just like the M8B race car. In the rear is a rear air brake that's painted in liquid silver with white end plates, as per the M8B. Upfront is a unique louvered fender design. The cherry on top is the dedicated badge that states that this is, in fact, Can Am #1.

This example of the McLaren Senna Can Am has never been raced, never seen rain, and has been completely wrapped in a clear protective film. What we have here is a unique and rare opportunity to own one of the rarest Mclaren supercars ever created. Located in Montreal, Canada, this Senna Can Am is being sold by Auto Reference, who specializes in extraordinarily rare cars. For more information, be sure to click the button below.