If you haven't heard, and I'm sure you have heard, the LA Lakers beat the Miami Heat last night and are now the 2020 NBA Champions. Taking the MVP award was none other than LeBron James, making this his fourth NBA Finals MVP. LeBron is undoubtedly celebrating his team's win and it looks like he may be celebrating in a new ride. Tony Bet of Driving Emotions Toronto recently posted a gallery on Instagram of an extraordinarily rare Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet with the caption: "Congrats to @kingjames on the championship! Enjoy the new whip @drivingemotionstoronto". You can see the post for yourself down below.

So, yeah. It looks like LeBron is now the proud owner of what is most certainly the most luxurious Mercedes SUV. If you haven't heard of the G650 Landaulet, it's a very rare SUV that features all of the amenities you'd expect from a Mercedes-Maybach but it G-Wagon style. The coolest part has to be the rear seats that sit under the folding roof, allowing the passengers to enjoy the fresh air in complete luxury.