Car audio was once a booming (literally) sector of the aftermarket. But ever since infotainment systems have become more integrated and complex, the big names in audio are joining forces with the manufacturers. GM and Bose have been tied at the hip for 40 years, Ford offers Sony speakers, and Chrysler's Infinity system of the '90s was theater quality. Supercar owners demand the best, and that is why the Maserati MC20 will arrive with Sonus Faber audio.

Twelve speakers each have their own channel in a 695-watt amplifier. Only the finest silk is used for the tweeter cones, and the system is sound-staged to cancel the less desirable sounds of the twin-turbo V6. Their goal was for the passengers to be able to visualize each instrument being played, something that is difficult to do even in the best concert venues. Maserati engineers have the same attention to detail for all their models, so click the button above to find yours and stay with us for all your Maserati news.