After 43 years and 13.2 Billion miles, Voyager 1 is still actively exploring deep space. After its first mission to the outer planets, it came home to slingshot around the Earth to speed up. Knowing this would be the last chance for the ultimate selfie, Carl Sagan focused the camera on us. It moved him to write "Pale Blue Dot". To keep our planet in balance, the Jeep Wrangler 4xe Will conquer our Pale Blue Dot.

Jeep turned to Ann Druyan, the widow of the great astronomer and the collaborator of their estate. This poignant 90-second spot really puts things into perspective as this dot is all we have, and all we will probably ever know. That's why an electric custom Jeep Wrangler for sale represents the future. If both Voyagers can still endure decades of cold and darkness to stay on their mission, there is hope for us to solve our issues here. In an era of cancel culture and toxic masculinity, here's to Jeep for one of the best ads in years.

RIP Carl Sagan