Over the past 50 years, Datsun and their parent company Nissan have sold over 1.35 Million Z-Cars. That is why they looked to the past to build the future. Taking inspiration from the 240Z, the Nissan Z-Proto was unveiled with twin turbos and a manual transmission. Horsepower and torque numbers have yet to be announced, as this isn't the production version.

Their twin-turbo V6 has been powering the GT-R for over a decade, but never offered with a manual transmission. This six-speed RWD muscle car is one of 10 new Nissans planned for the next 20 months. Although an automatic transmission is being considered, the press release repeats their commitment to build a car worthy of its name. We are excited about the 12.3" display and 285/35/19 rear tires. As long as weight is kept under control this will be an incredible machine. It will be hard to beat the fun and versatility of the 370Z, so click the button below to find yours and stay with us for all your Nissan news.