Automobile companies usually take a fast-paced and complex approach when marketing the release of a new vehicle. Using everyday scenarios combined with high budgeted production to get the best expression of the message. Land Rover has taken a polar opposite approach with the release of the all-new Defender. The marketing team at Atlantic teamed up with John Mayer to create the YouTube video titled “John Mayer Goes Outside” presented by Land Rover. The thought behind the project is simply to get outside and drive, with no expectations. The Land Rover Defender was created to enjoy the outdoors regardless of the climate or conditions in its way. John Mayer knows all too well how well Land Rover performs, as he has owned older body style Defenders as well as the most recent. Throughout the video, the key message is to slow down and take a look around because the Land Rover Defender can get to some remarkable areas. From the deep woods where the redwoods grow to the bank of the perfect fishing spot. In the case of Land Rover, simplicity outmaneuvers complexity. To learn more about the new Land Rover Defender, click the link below.