Not every car is worth saving. Coming to this realization is an epiphany at the end of a long road. Before 3D printing and CNC tools, restoring a car had to be done by locating original parts. If that is a dead end you must either part ways, or commit to going all-in. That's why we're glad Jay Leno drives his 1932 Bugatti Type 39. It was discovered as a rust bucket with rotten wood, so it took years to restore. It was made new again by Hjeltness Restoration before winning its class at Pebble Beach.

Jay Leno’s Car Collection

Instead of their race cars, this grand touring Bugatti was meant for weekend cruising. Built during the depths of the depression, this car is as priceless then as it is now. That's why we're glad Mr. Leno is not afraid to cruise in SoCal traffic. Click the button below to find a Bugatti for yourself and stay with us for more updates from Jay Leno's Garage.