Lewis Hamilton is known for two things, being incredibly successful in the sport of Formula1 and being passionate about the topic of environmental awareness. The champion F1 driver is directing his resources and knowledge to the growing world of electric vehicle racing. Lewis has recently announced the start of his new project Team X44, a racing team that will compete for a cause. Competitions such as the Extreme E Championship will be the stage to both compete and bring awareness to issues that are happening all around the world. The competitions are designed to take place all around the world featuring different climates using 4x4 race trucks powered by electric motors. Lewis acknowledges his excitement of combining his love for racing and the planet as a whole in a recent Youtube video introducing Team X44. Although he will not be directly racing in the events, Lewis is still thrilled to be apart of a new generation of racing. For more information on Lewis Hamilton's Team X44 click on the link below!

Source: Lewis Hamilton / Team X44