Almost a year ago we were literally shocked by a new manufacturer. Anheuser-Busch delivered beer with zero pollution. Nikola Corporation received an order for 800 fuel-cell trucks along with cash to begin work on their electric pickup. With Tesla in their crosshairs, investors and the public have been wondering who would step up to help them. That answer came today as GM & Nikola have joined forces to build electric trucks.

This investment of 11% is valued at $2 Billion of Nikola's common stock thanks to the sharing of innovation and production between the two companies. The press release says Nikola will use GM's new Ultium battery technology while their Badger pickup truck is engineered and built for them by GM. This allows GM to be the exclusive fuel cell supplier for Nikola's Class 7/8 trucks outside of Europe. Nikola has been building production Semi Trucks at a snail's pace so far, so this is truly exciting. The Badger will be offered in EV or Fuel Cell models, so click the button below to learn more and stay with us for all your EV news.