Restoring a classic can be a headache thanks to all the possibilities available. Especially true for Chevrolet trucks, you can choose the latest technology in suspension, exterior upgrades, and the interior is a blank canvas. Until now, our friend Jonathan Ward and his team at ICON have been transforming old trucks by making 21'st century parts for these vintage pickups. But their latest build is unlike any previous ICON Thriftmaster. That is because it is their first "Old School" build.

Much like the Bronco and the FJ restorations, buyers can now choose between New School and Old School examples of these classic Chevys. By going back to basics, you would be hard pressed to tell it wasn't a stock restoration until you are up close. That is because over 36 changes and unique parts have been made to dial-back the imposing nature of the late-model technology.

From the mirrors to the gauges, and even the headlights, these parts look original to the untrained eye. But herein lies the beauty of every ICON build. Everything from the bumper bolts to the door handles are new parts. Finalized in 3D before any metalwork allows ICON to bring the customer's dreams to life. While it looks like an original 5-window 3100 series Chevy half-ton, it rides on a tubular chassis with massive Brakes. Chevy's 50-state legal LS3 crate engine package includes A/C and an automatic transmission. This being the 10th ICON Thriftmaster, tell us if you prefer Old School or New in the comments below and stay with us for all your ICON updates.