Ken Block's daughter, Lia, is celebrating her 14th birthday in ice-cold style this year. For her birthday, Ken and his team built a mean Fox Body 5.0 Mustang that she would learn to drift in. The best part? The entire build revolved around Vanilla Ice's love for the 5.0 Mustang. In fact, Ken called up Vanilla Ice and got his thoughts on the build they were embarking on. After stripping the Mustang down completely, they then went to work turning it into a drift machine. From the new quick angle kit to the custom Borla exhaust, so much of this Mustang was updated with new components that will make it a drift monster. When presented with the new Icy Mustang, Lia was not too impressed considering she wasn't a fan of the car since it rolled into the garage. But it's all good because it's not actually her car but it will just be a drift car to learn on when she gets lessons from Vaughn Gittin Jr. The real owner of the Mustang is yet to be decided because Hoonigan will actually be giving it away. So, be sure to check back with us for more news.