Two of Stuttgart's most potent machines are separated by a few decades. Even at a distance, they are easily recognizable as supercars that were far ahead of their time. Many mysteries and questions surround their development and abilities, so that is why the Brumos Collection "Inside The 59" compares the Porsche 918 Spyder to the Porsche 959.

This amazing museum opened last year in Jacksonville, Florida. The campus has ample room for PCA events and might eventually include a race track. The building itself is an accurate copy of the Ford Model T factory that opened in 1925 along the riverbank in Downtown Jacksonville. It is filled with nostalgic images of the city's past, along with hundreds of pieces of Brumos history.

As one of the oldest Porsche dealers in the U.S., they fielded cars in the world's biggest races, often with my hometown hero Hurley Haywood behind the wheel. The livestream begins at noon today, so they gave us a preview of both cars.