If there is one car that offers the ultimate in luxury, it has to be the Rolls-Royce Phantom. Sitting in the backseat of a Phantom is unlike any passenger experience and this experience is only heightened when it's a Phantom Extended Wheelbase (EWB). What we have here is a 2018 example of a Phantom EWB, which is for sale right now by Wires Only. It only takes a matter of seconds when looking at the cabin to realize that this is pure luxury on wheels. The plush leather seats, fine wood details and Starlight Headliner create an unparalleled experience. The rear passengers of this Phantom EWB also have the ability to access a champagne fridge, partition, privacy curtains, televisions, fold-out tables, and the controls for the reclining seat functions. Celebrities and the elite love being chauffeured in a car like this for a good reason: there's nothing else like it. And now, you can experience it all for yourself. To learn more, be sure to click the button below.

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