Leaving the only career you have ever had is probably not easy. But when Horacio Pagani learned that Chrysler would be buying Lamborghini, he left the company he had worked for since age 17. Working his way up from sweeping the floors to becoming Chief Engineer, his decades of supercar knowledge would empower him to build his own brand of supercar. With the ideas and sketches of the Zonda, he was encouraged by his friend Benny Caiola to follow his dreams. Once the first production Pagani was ready, Benny became the first Pagani owner. It is for him that their latest supercar was named. And it is a fitting homage to a friend that the Pagani Huayra BC Roadster has smashed the lap record at Spa.

Horacio Pagani Shows Off His Personal Car Collection

One of the fastest tracks in the world, Spa-Francorchamps is home to endurance racing of all types. Since the test drivers and engineers had amassed nearly 218,000 miles on streets and on the track, Spa was their final validation program. With a fresh set of Pirelli tires made specific for Pagani, the boss aquiesed to his team for a record attempt. Andrea Palma crossed the finish line in 2.23:08. Nearly 2 seconds faster than the previous record set by a McLaren Senna is quite an achievement. Here's to everyone at Pagani, Pirelli, Mercedes-AMG and everyone involved. Pagani Miami (Prestige Imports) is ready to take your reservation, so click the button to learn more.