For everyone that has the means to purchase Ford's latest supercar, they must endure a stringent vetting process to be accepted. Not only must you have a history of owning significant Fords from the past, your social media accounts and morality will also be scrutinized. A video submission and essay go a long way at being accepted, but what if your garage is full of Scuderia Shields? This is how Ferrari connoisseur David Lee convinced Ford to sell him a new GT.

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Still reeling from the success of Ford vs. Ferrari, Mr. Lee's incredible social media following @ferraricollector_davidlee/ would be a great way to showcase the latest Ford GT Carbon. Ford could not pass up the opportunity to have their blue oval in the center of his garage, so he was given the red carpet treatment. A team of Ford Performance concierges delivered the car and spent over an hour explaining the car's systems and the reasoning behind them. It is a win-win, as David adds diversity to his collection while Ford Performance receives an incredible endorsement from Ferrari's biggest fan. Thank you Mr. Lee for sharing this video, and stay with us for all your celebrity car news.