With the amount of mileage Amazon drivers are racking up, it makes perfect sense to transition away from fuel. In a move that literally shocked their competition, Amazon has placed an order for 1,800 electric Mercedes-Benz vans. Mr. Bezos and company plan to be carbon neutral in 20 years, and this will undoubtedly force other delivery services to follow suit.

Reported by Forbes over the weekend, the order consists of 1,200 eSprinters along with 600 of the smaller eVito vans. Because their fulfillment centers use a hub & spoke model in most areas, fully-charged vans could be loaded and ready when drivers return from their routes. This order is for European deliveries, as it follows on the heels of ordering 100,000 electric vans from Rivian back in February. Amazon has invested $700m into Rivian,who also had a $500m cash injection from Ford last year. Congrats to Amazon on leading the way, and for Mercedes-Benz for stepping up to the challenge. Stay with us for all your EV news.