Last month our friends at Lexus gave us a preview of the new NX Black Line, and it amazed everyone. With such an overwhelming response, the 2021 ES 350 Black Line will arrive with the same set of matching Zero-Halliburton luggage. Available in Blue Mica, Obsidian, and Ultra White, it is the only ES to offer a 2-tone leather interior with gray contrast stitching.

Lexus LC 500 Convertible: More Than a Beautiful Machine

It rides on their new global GA-K chassis that allows the car to be 2.6" longer 0.2" lower and almost 2" wider. Desinged to offer the strongest and most comfrotable ride, the chassis has several overlapping layers of high strength steel and twice the number of laser welds as its predecessor. The strut towers are reinforced below and above, with a brace across the engine bay. It has also gained 2 degrees of positive caster for straight line comfort.

Their venerable 3.5-liter V6 has gained port injection to keep the combustion chambers clean and cool. New cam phasers allow it to run on the Atkinson Cycle when cruising, making for an impressive 32 mpg on the highway. It offers 302 horsepower and 267 lb-ft of torque to an 8-speed automatic. The ES is the car that started it all, so we're glad it has returned with all the comfort, safety and practicality you deserve. Click the link below to learn more from our dealers and stay with us for all your Lexus news.