Take a poll among your friends, they all like the Viper. Nothing is more American. It has a V10, no traction control, and never offered an automatic transmission. Of course Dodge has moved on to find more power with their HEMI Hellcats, but the torque and feel of an analog supercar will never be offered again. That is why we are glad that Jay Leno drove his 1993 Dodge Viper SRT-10, a car he bought new once he landed the late night show.

Jay Leno’s Car Collection

Hulk Hogan allowed me to take his 1994 Hulkster Viper on a tour of the east coast along with Motor Trend's auto shows. It was a fixture in our museum with less than 3,000 miles until we gave it new rubber, an Optima battery and modern audio. There is nothing not to like about any Dodge Viper for sale. They have no roof, windows, door locks, and Air Conditioning was optional. Designed by Carroll Shelby to be a modern Cobra, they are a loud and proud salute to America. As a plus, Lamborghini designed the V10 engine, so it foreshadows the V10 found in the Gallardo and Huracan. Needless to say it will cruise to 300,000 miles without any major issues, and with a few tweaks it will approach 30 mpg on the highway. Click the button below to find yours and stay with us for the latest Jay Leno uploads.