Breaking a Cannonball Run record is a truly momentous feat. This sprint across the continental United States requires so much in terms of dexterity, technology, planning, and so much more that only a few try to break these records. For Doug Tabbutt, Arne Toman and Dunadel Daryoush, they saw the lockdown from the pandemic as the perfect opportunity to go out and become the new Cannonball records. Now, Toman and Tabbutt are no stranger to the Cannonball Run, as they actually held the record back in 2019 with a time of 27:25 behind the wheel of a 2015 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG. So, they knew what they were getting themselves into.

For their car, they went with a modified Audi S6 that was purchased shortly before the attempt. After fitting the car with all of the Cannonball essentials, they were ready to break the record. And they did.

They had traveled across the country in 25 hours and 39 minutes with an overall average speed of 110 mph. This time allowed them to break the previous record of 25:55, which was made earlier this year by a solo driver.

VINwiki's video above paints a great story of how the record was broken. The record-breaking trio tell the entire tale, from the ups and downs to the moment when lane-assist had them thinking the entire attempt was done for. It is absolutely a must-watch.