You were warned on Friday. We told you Ram was about to unchain a beast of a truck. Now it is time to contemplate the capabilities of a Hellcat Hemi-powered Pickup. Officially rated a 702 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque, it offers consistent quarter-mile times under 13 seconds. It reaches 60 mph in 4.5 and 100 mph in 10.5 ticks. This power is sent to all wheels by a full-time active transfer case. The control arms are forged aluminum, and they are bolted to 2.5" Bilstein Black Hawk e2 adaptive suspension.

RAM TRX Specs, Price & Horsepower

The front end is independent and the rear is a Dana 60. Both have locking 3.55 differentials and offer over 13" of travel at each corner. The body is 8" wider thanks to composite fenders and wider steel bed sides. They are needed to house the 325/65/18 tires mounted on 9" wide wheels. It has 11.8" of ground clearance and the ability to ford 32" of water.

Fiat-Chrysler spared no expense, as the AFS headlight system offers 15 degrees of motion in sync with the steering angle. It was borrowed from their cousins at Ferrari. With a payload capacity of 1,310, it can also tow 8,100 lbs with ease. It offers 5 driving modes for the street and three offroad modes that were developed over a year of testing across the U.S. With an approach angle of 30.2 and departure of 21.9, you will have no problems navigating rough trails. Over 100 performance parts and upgrades are already available from MOPAR, and this proven engine will respond to the same modifications used by Hellcat owners to outrun anyone else.