Once their new factory opened in Stuttgart, Dr. Porsche knew his brand needed a dedicated race car to accompany the 356 Speedster. Inspired by his father's designs of the 1933 Auto Union, the 550 Spyder was a topless, mid-engine endurance machine. Only 90 were assembled, and they set the stage for seven decades of roadsters. The 914 was introduced in 1969, and they remain affordable & fun machines. The 911 Targa was born in 1966, and the 2021 example is a testament to longevity. Along with the 911 Speedster, it allows their flagship to offer four distinct body styles between coupe and cabriolet. But the mid-engine design was not forgotten, as the Boxster and 718 Spyder are perfect for Summer cruising. Tell us your favorite open-top Porsche in the comments below and stay with us for more Porsche history.