How times change—in 1925, Bentley first deployed the Supersports tag on a highly tuned 3.0L model guaranteed for 100 MPH. Just 18 of those fabled machines were made. Then, in 2009, the British company revived the name with a W12-engined Continental Supersports capable of 200 MPH; production this time ran to 1,800. This, however, is something altogether more potent and a great deal rarer: a next-generation Continental Supersports that raises the bar in pace, power, agility and exclusivity. Just as the first-generation modern-era Supersports added power, lightness and menace to the Continental without sacrificing luxury, so does this ultimate evolution of the theme. The previous model’s 621 HP W12 has been uprated to a prodigious 700 HP, which equates to a 10% increase in the power-to-weight ratio, contributed to by carbon fiber accents and aerodynamic aids on the much revised and bolder body form. Correspondingly, the suspension has been lowered and further uprated while a new torque converter locks up more readily for even faster acceleration; agility, too, has been enhanced with torque-vectoring technology from the race-derived GT3-R. Then there’s the all-wheel drive system and an 8-speed version of the ZF automatic transmission.

For further distinction and exclusivity, Bentley limited production to a mere 710—its horsepower rating in metric PS units—including both coupes and convertibles. In many ways, it’s the four-seat convertible that is the defining statement, as it evokes memories of the four-seat open tourers that pounded the opposition into submission in Bentley’s prewar Le Mans glory days. And, today, there’s equally little to challenge its prowess. The Supersports convertible accelerates from 0 to 60 MPH in 3.7 seconds, all while en route to a blistering 205 MPH top speed. Any four-seat convertible that can do that is a rare thing, but this 2018 Supersports convertible is even more select with its miniscule usage of just 23 miles. On a straight track, you could, if you wish, cover that distance in just under 7 minutes. One term for a car of that caliber is “four-seat convertible luxury supercar”—another is, simply, Bentley.

With like-new mileage and a stunning appearance, this Bentley will be a star at Mecum's Indy Auction, July 10th to 18th at the Indiana State Fairgrounds-

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