Anticipation for the new Ford Bronco is growing with each passing day. Last week we learned that the return of the historic SUV will be simulcast by Disney across ABC, ESPN, National Geographic, and Hulu at 8 pm (Eastern) on July 13th. Immediately after, fans can reserve theirs for $100 each at Today's press release confirms the trifecta we've been assuming.

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The Bronco lineup will feature a 2-door model inspired by the original series, a 4-door version to rival the Wrangler, and the Bronco Sport will be a 4WD family crossover. This will allow the Bronco to appeal to a wider audience than ever before, and it will allow the aftermarket to unleash a herd of custom Broncos, hopefully in time for SEMA. Stay with us for all your Bronco news and click the button below to find a restored classic example.