When Classic Recreations decided to enter the world of Shelby Mustangs, they quickly realized that customers were ordering every option. Their team in Yukon, Oklahoma turns out incredible builds combining Shelby parts along with the latest in suspension, brakes, and safety. As such, each one has a Shelby build plate and documentation in the Shelby Worldwide Registry. This car caught the eye of our esteemed Publisher, who has owned a few Shelbys over the past six decades. Here are just a few of the details.

Starting with a tall-deck Dart block, a forged 427 is fed by a F1-R Procharger to make 790 horsepower. The blower sends 17 pounds of boost through a triple-core intercooler, then its on to a F.A.S.T. 4150 intake with sequential injectors. CNC-ported AFR heads work their magic and send the exhaust through BBK headers that are ceramic coated inside & out. Magnaflow designed the stainless system to feed the side pipes, offering a deep rumble that isn't overly loud. A Tremec transmission sends power to a 9" Fab loaded with 3:50 gears.

Publisher's Choice: 1968 Shelby GT000CR 900S

For suspension, the rear end is the TCP G-Link with adjustable tubular control arms. They are tied into full-length subframe connectors that reinforce the rockers and floors at several spots. They terminate at the front suspension, which is centered around a Rod & Custom rack & pinion cross-member. Rod & Custom also supplied all four coil-overs, dialed in to optimize the car's weight distribution. The entire front end is boxed and gusseted, with tubular control arms and poly bushings. Wilwood 14" rotors at all corners are clamped by 6-piston calipers and fed by an adjustable bias valve, this will allow for ultimate grip or wild drifts. Shelby 17" wheels wear Z-Michelin 245s up front and 315 on the rear.

To make it capable of being a daily driver, a BeCool 4-core radiator has dual 13" fans. Old Air Products handles the climate control, and Digital Designs hand-built 2 sets of component speakers and a subwoofer enclosure. Their 1,000-watt amplifier is controlled by a Pioneer head unit that includes remote controls. The team only offers this car in Grey/Black, Red/White, Blue/White, Black/Grey, or Yellow/White. Matte black was never a consideration because it wasn't an original Shelby livery, so this car is truly 1 of 1. Because the chassis is so strong, small swaybar allow the ride to be as comfortable as a new Mustang, and far more capable. If you want the ultimate 1968 Shelby GT500, click the link below to learn more, and see it on page 37 of our August magazine.