Don't let Monday give you the blues. Even if your weekend was filled with monotonous chores, this Macchina Veloce will make you smile. Last week, a new Raging Bull was teased for the Squadra Corse Series. While the Aventador doesn't make a bad track car, engineers pulled out all the stops for something new. Taking lessons learned on the SVJ63 and the Sian, the new SCV12 has big shoes to fill. That's why they decided to start the week with inspirational footage of factory driver Emanuele Pirro lapping Imola in their new track car. Not encumbered by emissions or noise regulations, this is how all V12 engines should sound. If you think you can handle it, our dealers have all the details on the Squadra Corse program. Have a great week, from all of us at duPont REGISTRY!