I might have a driveway with four cars, but they aren't worth $10 Million dollars. Jon Olsson is no stranger to supercars so he was able to gather the latest from Koenigsegg for a heads-up comparison. The Jesko Absolut is the top-speed version that is capable of 310 mph. Named for Christian's father, it is a fitting homage to his old man. The street-legal Jesko is also capable of 1,600 horsepower on E85 ethanol. It has more downforce which keeps it under 300 mph, and both cars utilize a 9-speed transmission with 7 individual clutches.

The Gemera is their first 2+2 Grand Tourer, and it is even more unique. The "Tiny Friendly Giant" uses Freevalve technology. The intake and exhaust valves are pneumatic, offering an infinite combination overlap, lift, and duration. The 2.0-liter inline-3 cylinder acts as a generator for an 800v hybrid system. With launch crontrol eneabled you have 8,113 lb-ft of torque and 1,700 horsepower at the wheels.

Finally, the Regera is the first production car so powerful that it needs no transmission. Instead of a small generator, it uses a twin-turbo 5-liter V8 and 3 electric motor generators. Below 80 mph the engine generates high-voltage for electric motors at each rear wheel. Above 80, the torque converter locks the crankshaft to a 3.73 differential to send 1,500 horsepower and 1,475 lb-ft of torque to the ground. Koenigsegg Direct Drive is the most efficient propulsion system on the market, and no transmission is one less thing to worry about. Tell us which one you prefer in the comments below and stay with us for all your Koenigsegg news.