Never underestimate the abilities of McLaren Special Operations. They are in the business of turning dreams into reality, and this Galactic Burst is out of this world. Evoking the colors seen after a star explodes, the theme is continued inside with the door struts painted to match. Exposed carbon mirrors and matte carbon seats are just the beginning. A full description of this car would be longer and more complex than the Codex Leicester, so here are just a few more mind-blowing details.

Three decals on the door represent Ayrton's Championship Wins, and the track layouts are featured on the inner door sill. MSO colored carbon was used for the seats, shift paddles and smaller bits you will discover in person. Every Senna outperforms the P1, and it does so without hybrid assistance. Only a car with these attributes was worthy to be a tribute to the greatest driver in the history of Formula 1.

Black Alcantara is among one of the few tactile aspects shared with other Sennas. Production was capped at 500 examples due to the complexity of containing 800 horsepower within a car that only weighs 2,641 pounds. The world's strongest and most compact dual-clutch transmission sends 590 lb-ft of torque to an open differential. This would seem like a recipe for a one-tire fire, but Brembo supplies their 3rd generation of carbon-ceramic brakes to ensure proper power distribution. Not only does this save weight, but a limited-slip differential is also inherently inefficient by design. Click the button below to learn more and stay with us for more amazing inventory from Graham Rahal Performance.