Nothing beats the precision of a Bavarian Supercar. That is why BMW has unveiled a few nice upgrades for the 2021 model-year M3, M4, and M5. Starting with the big sedan, the M5 and 5 Series models can be upgraded with M Performance parts. Starting with carbon fiber, the front splitter, dive planes, rocker panels, and wicker bill really add an aggressive flair. The kidney grilles can be surrounded in gloss black or carbon, and a lower rear diffuser will keep you planted at triple-digit speeds.

An optional M Performance steering wheel has Alcantara recessed grips and a red hash mark at noon. While your there, swap out the base model shift paddles for carbon fiber to complete the look. Underneath, the M5 Competition can be lowered by 20 mm by adjusting the coil-overs. This will allow you to corner-weight your car without buying expensive parts. M Performance forged 20" wheels allow you to upgrade to their big brake package, and they are offered in Ferric Gray or 2-tone finishes.

As a tease of the upcoming models, M Development Director Dirk Haecker explains how the M3 and M4 have been greatly improved. Starting with 480 horsepower on the base models, each can be had with a manual transmission. Competition models will make 530 horsepower through the 8-speed automatic. The front suspension and subframe is all new to prevent understeer. Straight-six engines with sequential turbos are heavy, so the front tires are much wider than last year. A new brake-by-wire system allows the driver to program just how aggressive the calipers react, something all cars should offer. Tell us your favorite M car in the comments below and stay with us for all your BMW news.