The Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne is on its way to the United States and into the hands of Michael Fux. The example he commissioned follows his tradition of ordering cars in a vibrant purple color, like his McLaren 720S and Rolls-Royce Dawn. Contrasting against the metallic purple of the exterior are copper accents on the front grille, side mirrors, window trim and wheels. Inside, purple and copper accents can be found, the cabin primarily consists of white leather.

This car will be the very first all-electric car in Fux's collection . What made him decide on the Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne?

“I visited the Hispano Suiza facility in February and loved what I saw,” said Mr. Fux. “I am a detail-orientated guy and I love colors that lift you up and give you a feeling of elation. When you see it, the Carmen Boulogne is undoubtedly a 'wow' car. It is retro and romantic, and you can't avoid looking at it.

The Carmen Boulogne is being produced in Barcelona, where it was also designed and developed. One of the standout items built and installed during the production of the car is the carbon fiber monocoque that acts as the base for the all-electric car. For the body that surrounds the monocoque, it was designed to pay homage to the company's competition heritage, blending modern with a retro design.