Even though I quarantined my race car until our local track reopens, that doesn't mean I hide it away from the world. Life happens, and sometimes even the most coveted cars on Earth are forgotten. Ferrari's first family model was the 250 GTE. Pininfarina sculpted a gorgeous 2+2 without sacrificing the lines of the iconic GT. Once the body was complete, the suspension was re-tuned to preserve an ideal weight distribution. Offering more space and practicality, the GTE was assigned to the Track Mashall of LeMans in 1960.

Only 55 examples were built in RHD, and this example was ordered by Maranello Concessionaires Ltd. in Surrey, England. Originally painted in Shell Gray & Orange, it was featured in Autosport magazine in October of '61. Recently discovered, it has not seen daylight since 1983. Aside from a later-model 275 steering wheel, all numbers are matching. The first series of 250 GTE production consisted of 299 cars, easily distinguished by grille-mounted driving lights. As only 55 were built for Right-Hand markets, this may be the last surviving example. Our friends at Gullwing Motor Cars have all the details, so click the button for an amazing deal on this unmolested classic.