Social distancing is a decent excuse to drive a fast car. That is why our email inquiries have been breaking records since the lockdown began. Because Drag Racing has to be done with windows up and more than 6 feet apart, our friends at 888MF have filmed the 5th episode of their Ultimate Supercar Drag Race. The camera crew arrived at an English airfield to find a Ferrari 488 Pista along with an 812 Superfast. Lamborghini was represented by a Huracan Performante, and all would fight for a chance to race a pair of McLaren 720S. For a quick refresher, the Pista has 710 horsepower, the Performante is rated at 640, McLaren lists their horsepower in the name of the 720S, and the 812 Superfast packs a whopping 788 horses. Every car is RWD and represents the state of the art, so tell us who should have won in the comments below!