If there is one car that is synonymous with the 1980s, its the Ferrari Testarossa. From music videos to movies, celebrities all around the world were seen driving the Testarossa. More specifically, they were typically driving a red example of the sports car.

Those wanting to relive the 1980s through an automobile, GAA Classic Cars is offering a 1985 Ferrari Testarossa at their July 2020 event. Its exterior is finished in the popular Rossa Corsa paint while the interior is a Crema Tan. Inside, the shifter for the gated 5-speed manual transmission is found resting between the seats. There's nothing better sounding than the gear changes of a gated manual.

When it comes to the mechanical side, this classic Ferrari has over $27,000 worth of service completed by an authorized Ferrari dealer. This includes the new fuel lines, driver window regulator, TUBI exhaust system, rear deck latch, deck lid shocks and ignition switch. GAA Classic Cars notes that the owner believes the mileage of the car is 34,000 miles.

This lot is one of 650 vehicles offered at GAA Classic Cars’ upcoming auction in Greensboro NC July 23-25.  Register to bid online or in-person today!